Conomi Better banking and eCommerce using blockchain technology

Its main goal is to bring 1 million new retail investors to crypto by eliminating all fiat obstacles on the way to crypto.
Registered with conomi BlockChain regulator and launching soon.

The Masternode Ecosystem

The future of Masternodes is here.

CMO is the monetary unit of the masternode ecosystem and we are here to make masternodes simple.

We are offering a service where your coins never have to leave the exchange and you will still be able to deploy your favorite masternodes without having to download any wallets or have any linux knowledge.

How It Works: Buy collateral on the exchange -> Deploy your node from the exchange -> Monitor your nodes from maintenance page.

Worldwide eCommerce platform

Ultra-low fee marketplace

Wide-range of goods and services

Underpinned by Conomi Coin

Accepts all major crypto and fiat currencies

Instant and secure payment system

Easy-to-use mobile app. Powered by Conomi Exchange, wallet and payment systems. Standard fees will be around 3 percent. Fees as low as 0.1 percent for users with the best reviews

Free transactions under the Conomi Rewards program

Blockchain verification of supply chain to drive ethical consumption.

Detailed rating and accountability system.

KYC of users. One million users projected by mid-2021, The target has 1 billion user.

CMO Card

Load dollars using your CMOcoin wallet, spend anywhere.

The CMO Card is one of the fastest, easiest ways to turn your coin into dollars. Apply now in just minutes.

Turn CMOcoin into dollars: Load dollars onto your CMO Card using your coin wallet. Funds are ready to spend in minutes.

Shop anywhere that accepts Visa®: You can use your CMO Card for online shopping and at any brick and mortar retailer that accepts Visa® debit cards. You can also withdraw cash at any Visa®-compatible ATM.

Manage your card on-the-go: Monitor and add to your card balance with one swipe in the CMO wallet. Get detailed information for all transaction activity and reload dollars using bitcoin.

Trading Platform (Comming Soon)

Secure allcoin exchange: Quickly and securely exchange your bitcoins to Euros, US dollars and other currencies with low fee schedule.

Deposit and withdraw to the credit card instantly, or use your bank account to minimize fees.

How it works

1. Sign up

2. Confirm your phone number

3. Sign in

4. Verify

5. Two-Factor Authentication

6. Sell bitcoins

7. Buy bitcoins

8. Withdraw funds

9. Sign out

Wallet Ecosystem

Manage your blockchain finances in one app with the secure, open source wallet by CMO.
Trust that your payments are secure, every time.


Send money anywhere and it will arrive minutes later, as soon as it is processed by the network.


Strong encryption and network consensus maintains a secure ledger.


CMO addresses are not linked to names, addresses, or other personally indentifying information.


Issued without any central authority. There is no govement, company, or bank in charge of CMO.


No borders. No imposed limits. CMO allows its users to be in full control of their money.

Reward & Bonus Currency Exchange

Each user with a balance plays an important role. Interest is earned by every participant.
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About conomi

The competition with the market
At present, the field of e-commerce has great potential for development, but the digital economy and the industrial revolution 4.0, the sector still faces many challenges, in particular:

First of all, consumers, especially young consumers, are now eager to buy goods through e-commerce websites such as Amazon, eBay ... because of rich and varied foreign products, in line with the criteria of consumers, especially urban youth, while the cost of completing orders for contracts online from abroad is lower ...

Second, fierce competition environment is not for enterprises with weak financial capacity, technology, management. In fact, potential is a big obstacle for domestic enterprises if they want to compete with famous e-commerce in foreign countries such as Amazon, Alibaba, Shopee ...

Thus: conomi aims to develop into a multi-functional e-commerce site that provides the buying and selling of essential goods for human life.

Conomi is created and developed by Conomi Technology Solutions Corporation.Understanding that, Conomi does not choose the way of direct competition with the world famous brands, but choose the middle way to provide buying and selling all items of the world famous brand through the webstie. and beyond is the Conomi App.

Looking at the challenges of e-commerce, it is difficult for Conomi to offer a perfect solution, competing with major global brands.

The role of conomi

Before we decided to set up conomi. Then we have 2 years of experience in providing Data Volume for many individuals and businesses around the globe
And now we have 40 million data volumes (including 10 million enterprise data)


The world entered an era of open trade, globalization took people further, faster than before. The demand for commodities is also increasing, the demand of people is also increasing. And to satisfy and serve the needs of everyone, conomi e-commerce site was established.

The mission is to bridge the gap between global buyers and sellers, becoming an intermediary providing the smooth and convenient transaction for all. Of course, to complete this mission, the Company can not be without help and support from everyone.


Objectives Establish a million booths with special features from countries around the world catering to 1 billion regular customers. To do that, we share profits with co-operative friends around the world - building restaurant chains, hotels, franchise brands Conomi - Connect 100,000 Restaurants, Hotels, Coffee Conomi global community - There is a Conomi application for convenient use


Through the dedication and efforts of the members with a goal of 5 years, until 2023 conomi will be the name mentioned as a Webstie and APP providing buyers and sellers worldwide credibility in TMDT area.

Value To develop

Mr Stéphane Roger has said that to become one of the richest people in the world in the future, what is needed is to have as much DaTa as possible.

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Below you can see our package and choose the one that suite you best.
$ 200
  • Profit:
  • Receive Profits:
    180 days
$ 500
  • Profit:
  • Receive Profits:
    180 days
$ 1,000
  • Profit:
  • Receive Profits:
    240 days
$ 2,000
  • Profit:
  • Receive Profits:
    240 days
$ 5,000
  • Profit:
  • Receive Profits:
    240 days
$ 10,000
  • Profit:
  • Receive Profits:
    240 days
$ 20,000
  • Profit:
  • Receive Profits:
    360 days
$ 30,000
  • Profit:
  • Receive Profits:
    360 days
$ 50,000
  • Profit:
  • Receive Profits:
    360 days


  • Phase 1
    October 1, 2016 - September 30, 2018
    This is the Data Collection and Delivery phase
  • Phase 2
    October 1, 2018 - September 30,2019
    This is the period of increasing community, leasing of shares, sharing profits with conomi members around the globe as well.

    During this period the members cooperated with conomi in addition to being shared profit through cooperative packages. It is a privilege to buy coin conomi under the cooperation package.

    algorithm: CMO
    Coin name
    Block 1: Sell 1 Million Conomi’s coin for $ 0.2
    Block 2: Sell 1,5 Million Conomi’s coin for $ 0.3
    Block 3: Sell 2 Million Conomi’s coin for $ 0.4
    Block 4: Sell 2,5 Million Conomi’s coin for $ 0.5
    Total supply 30 Million
    Quater 01
    Give out Wallet Android, iOS
    QUATER 02 CMOCOIN ($ 0.5 - $ 1)
    1. COINEX
    2. HITBTC
    BUYING ON THE FLOOR: Implemented the E-COMMRCE conomi APP
  • Phase 3
    October 1, 2019 - September 30,2020

    Implementing the plan to build a restaurant, coffee franchise conomi brand (target: 1 chain) Connect 10,000 restaurants, hotels and franchise chains through the global community of conomi. Put the app into the app
  • Phase 4
    October 1, 2020 - September 30,2021
    Implementing the plan to build a restaurant, coffee franchise conomi brand (target: 1 chain) Connect 10,000 restaurants, hotels and franchise chains through the global community of conomi. Put the app into the app.

    Implementing the plan to build a restaurant, coffee franchise conomi brand (target: 1 chain) Connect 10,000 restaurants, hotels and franchise chains through the global community of conomi. Put the app into the app, with 1 billion user use.

    Public scheduler as the next campaign 5 from 2023-2028.

Project team

Technology, Software, and Policy.
Patrick O'Brian
Founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Chief Executive Officer
Paul Humphrey
Marketing & Financial Advisor
Alain Courbebaisse
Chief Technology Officer
Paulo Rodrigues da Silva
Head Of Marketing
Maria Willium
Head of Community Management
Vincent Van Dessel
Derek Castro
Head Of Marketing